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Enmasse is a French term meaning “all together”. To us, it means laying the foundation of scale that goes beyond capital to curate narratives, data, and insights for Entrepreneurial Households worldwide.

The EPIC Opportunity describes the opportunity presented by the Economic Power of Industrious Communities across India and the world. Industrious Communities are made up of Entrepreneurial Households (EHs). These households are characterised by their innovative spirit and their ability to generate multiple streams of income, making them significant players in driving economic growth and enhancing social mobility. By focusing on these households, the EPIC Opportunity seeks to unlock new pathways for prosperity and resilience while emphasising the role of household entrepreneurship in shaping the future of economies worldwide. Read the Enmasse Manifesto here.

Entrepreneurial Households (EHs) are not just any households that engage in economic activities. They embody the essence of entrepreneurship. With a strategic approach to income generation, EHs manage diverse income sources, navigate risks and capitalise on opportunities with a long-term vision. They are pivotal because they contribute to economic diversification and job creation, and stimulate innovation within their communities, serving as a cornerstone for economic growth.

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